Femal Accident Victim Waits Outside of Her Car

In every state in the U.S., drivers are legally required to stop and wait for law enforcement to arrive following an auto accident. Should one of the parties leave the scene of the accident, it is automatically considered to be a hit and run accident. Motorists tend to flee the scene because they have no insurance, are intoxicated, already have a record, or have outstanding warrants. Regardless of the reason, the other party is often left to pay for the damage to his or her vehicle, and cope with medical expenses if injuries are involved. By contacting an experienced auto accident attorney; however, the victim of a hit and run is more likely to recover compensation.

Questioning the Other Party

The first step a police officer will take when investigating a hit and run accident is to question the motorist who remained on the scene. Victims of hit and run accidents should inform the police officer of any details they can remember, such as the make, model, and color of the car the other party was driving. The police officer will need to know which direction the other party was heading. It’s very helpful if the motorist remembers the fleeing driver’s license plate number – or even a partial plate number.

Searching the Area

Immediately after obtaining this information from the victim, law enforcement officers conduct a search of the area. They may set up road blocks to stop vehicles that match the description of the suspect’s car.

Ticketing or Charging the Other Driver

If the other driver is found, he or she will at the very least be ticketed for traffic infractions. Often, hit and run offenders face criminal charges, particularly if injuries were involved with the auto accident.

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