Regularly checking your vehicle’s fluid levels is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent an auto collision and keep your family safe on the road. Take a look at this brief video guide to learn what to look for under the hood.

The engine oil, washer fluid, coolant, and brake fluid can all be checked while the car is off, but checking the transmission fluid typically requires you to run the car for a short distance. To avoid internal damage, only use appropriately rated fluids for your vehicle.

While preventative maintenance can help you save money on the road, protecting your assets after an auto accident requires reliable legal assistance. Are you a Maryland resident who sustained injuries during a car accident that was not your fault? If so, you may have a legal right to sue the at-fault party and receive reimbursement for your suffering. Rockville and Gaithersburg-area drivers in need of advice about their situation should call (301) 840-0404 to reach Sussman & Simcox: Attorneys at Law.

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