Millions of car accidents occur throughout the United States every year. In fact, these collisions are so prevalent that many Americans will find themselves in some sort of traffic accident every 20 years. The causes of these accidents have varied over time, but here are the most common causes of collisions as of this year.

Auto accident claim

Distracted Drivers

As in-dashboard navigation systems and smart phones become more commonplace, drivers are spending less time looking at the road and more time looking at their screens. While many states have outlawed texting and driving, distracted drivers are still one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. If you suffer injuries caused by a driver who was not paying attention to the road, you have just as much of a legal right to file a personal injury claim as if that person was drinking or speeding.

Unsafe Road Conditions

Poor weather conditions can cause cars to lose traction or veer off the road. This is especially common in times of low visibility, heavy precipitation, or iced-over roads. Even the most careful drivers may find themselves unable to steer a car upon hitting black ice. In a personal injury context, an accident caused by unsafe road conditions may implicate comparative negligence analysis.

Mechanical Issues

Another reason for the high number of car accidents on the nation’s roads are mechanical failures. These can range from tires with tread separation to SUVs with a high probability for rolling over. When a driver loses control and collides with another car, he or she may be able to hold the manufacturer or distributor of their car parts responsible for the accident.

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