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With so many manufacturers throughout the United States, it only makes sense that some products may come with defects. However, some of these defects can injure or otherwise harm consumers. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed each year by manufactured products. Not all of these accidents are due to product defects, but many are. If you’ve been injured by a suspected product defect, product liability law may be on your side. Bringing a case against the manufacturer could help you gain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Manufacturers and product designers probably won’t let you win your case easily, though. That’s why Sussman & Simcox in Gaithersburg, MD is here to fight for you. Learn more about what our team can do for you.

How Our Firm Handles Product Liability Claims

Our product liability attorneys work with clients in Gaithersburg, Baltimore, and Washington, DC on product liability claims. Our expertise includes consumer goods of all types, workplace equipment, industrial products, and more. For many of the cases we take, our attorneys work with professional product designers, engineers, and other experts to help build our argument on your behalf. We strive to obtain a fair out-of-court settlement to minimize the uncertainty of taking a case to trial.

Do I Have a Case?

You may have a product liability claim if you have evidence of manufacturing or design defects or any sign of failure to warn. Failure to warn cases are the most common, and they involve manufacturer’s instructions that do not properly inform a customer of risks of using the product. However, these cases are much more challenging to prove that the less common manufacturer defect claims. In any case, Sussman & Simcox is on your side in either of these scenarios.

Claims You Can Make Under Product Liability Law

Let’s look a little deeper into some of the product liability claims you can make under Maryland law. We’re happy to explain the details of such claims and make sure that you understand your case before choosing to take action against a product manufacturer. You may want to make one of the following claims after talking with Sussman & Simcox:

  • Manufacturing Defects: A specific item was made poorly or incorrectly, resulting in harm to the customer.
  • Breach of Warranty: A product fails to meet the requirements of its written warranty.
  • Design Defects: An error in a product’s design makes it dangerous for customers to use.
  • Informational Defects: Also known as failure to warn, as we mentioned above, this involves faulty instructions or failure to educate the consumer about potential risks.

Maryland’s Statute of Limitations

Like other states, Maryland has a statute of limitations that governs when you may file a product liability claim. Maryland’s ruling allows victims three years from the injury date to take action. This short window time is why seeking an experienced lawyer right away is crucial. The team at Sussman & Simcox will make sure you’re aware of the statute of limitations and do everything to ensure you meet the time requirement.

Other Types of Claims We Can Handle

In addition to product liability law, we’re also experts in a range of other cases. You can count on Sussman & Simcox for medical malpractice lawsuits, as well as many other kinds of personal injury claims. Throughout our decades of experience, we’ve worked on cases involving premises liability, slip-and-fall accidents, wrongful death, vehicle accidents, and much more.

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Do you feel you have a case for our product liability attorneys? Get in touch with Sussman & Simcox to learn more about your options. We’ll help you take on big manufacturers who may not give out compensation easily. Our team believes you should receive every cent you deserve when you’ve been injured by product defects. We serve residents of Gaithersburg, MD and the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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