It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure that the products they sell to the greater public are safe. In order to do this, everything from design to marketing details needs to be taken into careful consideration. In the event that a product you purchase is defective and causes you injury, you have the right to receive compensation for the damages you suffer. A personal injury attorney can help you file any of these types of defective product liability claims:

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Manufacturing Defects

A product that causes you injury because it was erroneously made in the factory is a defectively manufactured product. The product may be flawed due to missing or broken parts. For example, if you purchase a motorcycle and get injured because it was missing brake pads, you are entitled to a product liability claim. You will need to prove that your injuries are directly attributable to the defect and not influenced by personal factors, such as reckless driving.

Design Defects

Design defects differ from manufacturing defects in that they make a product inherently hazardous to use for all its intents and purposes. A product may be manufactured perfectly, yet bring about dangers due to a fundamental problem in its design. For instance, a ladder that is intended for use in construction that fails to hold more than 50 pounds of weight has a major design defect.

Information Defects

Also known as failure to warn, information defects can refer to a wide range of concerns over the manufacturer’s failure to provide instructions on the use or handling of a product. If a product can pose potential danger that is not obvious to consumers, the manufacturer must provide clear warnings to avoid causing unintended injury. For example, a medicine that fails to warn about the adverse side effects it causes when combined with other medicines may be subject to an information defect liability claim.

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