What Is Premises Liability? Gaithersburg Each year, countless people slip, fall, and sustain injuries due to unsafe conditions in properties or on public sidewalks. These individuals should consult a personal injury lawyer  regarding a premises liability case. Property owners have a legal responsibility to either issue adequate warnings about unsafe conditions or to resolve hazardous conditions promptly. An example of a warning about an unsafe condition is a wet floor sign. This is an area of the law known as premises liability. Although slipping, falling, and filing personal injury claims may seem simple enough, this area of the law is actually quite complex, which is why it’s essential to work with a lawyer in Gaithersburg who has experience with premises liability cases.

Before seeking slip and fall compensation, the lawyer will need to determine who may be held liable for the hazardous conditions. Quite often, the property owner or the property manager may be found at fault for failing to maintain a safe environment. However, there are many other factors the court may consider, such as the circumstances of the accident, whether the accident may have been reasonably foreseen, and whether the property manager made a reasonable effort to repair the unsafe condition prior to the accident.

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