Some products that are legally available to consumers carry certain risks. These products are widely available because they offer conveniences or health benefits that make our lives measurably easier. If you suffered an injury from a product, then read about the difference between unavoidably unsafe and defective products and contact a personal injury attorney.

Cutting vegetables.

  • Unavoidably Unsafe
    Imagine a knife that is so dull it would be virtually impossible for someone to accidentally injure himself while using it. Wouldn’t that same knife be difficult to cut tough meat or dense vegetables with? Even though knives can and do cause personal injury, their purpose would be defeated if they were manufactured in a way that made injury completely impossible. Because of this, most sharp knives available to consumers would be considered unavoidably unsafe.
  • Defective
    Now imagine a knife with a blade that may detach from the handle while a consumer is cutting or dicing food. If the consumer is exercising caution while using the knife, but the knife’s blade unexpectedly detaches from the knife’s handle and cuts his arm, face, or leg, then the product is defective.
  • The Difference
    When a consumer purchases a knife with a sharp blade, he expects he will be able to cut through meat, vegetables, and other food with it. He might not expect to cut his finger with it, but he can logically conclude his finger will be injured if it’s in the way. This same consumer, however, can reasonably assume that parts of his body kept away from the knife’s direct path are not at risk of being injured by the blade.
  • Duty of the Manufacturer
    Products that are unavoidably unsafe can cause personal injury, so manufacturers of such products have a legal obligation to warn consumers of their products’ potential dangers.


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