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Thousands of personal injury claims arise from truck accidents. Big rigs are inherently more dangerous because of their weight, poor maneuverability, and poor stopping ability, along with the impaired ability of the truck driver to detect other vehicles in close proximity to the truck. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a truck accident, it’s critical to contact a truck accident attorney serving the Rockville area right away. Many trucking companies discard driver logs and other important evidence after a certain period of time following an accident. By working with a personal injury lawyer right away, you have a better chance of a favorable resolution.

Beware Wide Turns

You may have noticed signs on big rigs that caution other drivers about the wide turns the truck makes. When a truck needs to make a right-hand turn, the truck driver must swing wide to the left before maneuvering to the right. Other motorists can then make the mistake of thinking the truck is actually going straight through the intersection and they may try to pass the truck on the right. As a result, the passenger vehicle can easily become sideswiped by the trailer. When approaching intersections with a truck, it’s best to wait for the truck to complete its maneuver before proceeding forward.

Improve Visibility

Visibility is a common factor in personal injury cases that involve truck accidents. Truck drivers have substantial blind spots. They cannot necessarily see other vehicles that are driving alongside the truck, right in front of the truck, or right behind the truck. To improve your visibility and reduce your chances of a truck accident, maintain plenty of distance between the vehicles.

Use Caution When Passing and Changing Lanes

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to avoid driving alongside a truck. If you need to pass a big rig, always do so on the left side of the truck. Maintain a steady speed as you pass. If you plan to merge into the lane the truck is in, make sure there is plenty of space between vehicles before doing so. You should never create a scenario where you move into a lane directly in front of a truck and then have to brake, as you may not have left stopping distance for the truck, which cannot stop as quickly as a passenger car.

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