• A Look at Auto Coverage

    When buying or renewing car insurance, most people naturally look for places to save money. But when you buy insurance, Rockville personal injury attorneys suggest paying special attention to PIP and uninsured motorist coverage.

    PIP stands for personal injury protection and is no-fault coverage designed to pay immediate medical expenses and lost wages after an accident. Individuals apply for these benefits from their own insurance companies and they are payable regardless of who caused the accident. Minimum coverage is $2,500 in benefits, which generally covers an emergency room visit, x-rays, some follow-up care, and some time off work. PIP is a great value in that it does not cost very much to add to your auto policy, and each member of your household will then have access to their own $2,500 benefit.

    Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you suffer personal injury in an auto accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. Like PIP, this benefit is purchased through your own insurance company. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that if you or other occupants of your car are seriously injured, and the other driver is inadequately insured, there will still be coverage available to pay for your injuries and wages. Given the high cost of medical care, families can be devastated with uncovered hospital or surgical bills after an accident. Insure yourself. The next time you renew your auto insurance make sure you consider raising your uninsured motorist limits.

  • What Does an Insurance Company Do During a Personal Injury Case?

    All personal injury claims in Gaithersburg or surrounding area immediately receive the attention of insurance companies eager to minimize their financial obligations to victims. Once the insured or the injured person opens a claim, an insurance adjuster gets to work to investigate the facts of the accident and try to negotiate settlement of the claim. To protect yourself, make sure you have a good accident attorney to help you navigate insurance company demands. Read on to learn more about what role insurance companies and adjustors play in personal injury cases. accident attorney in rockville

    Speak to the Insured Party
    An insurance adjustor’s first step is to speak to the individual covered by their insurance policy. If the insured individual has suffered personal injury in a car, truck, boating, or other accident, the adjustor will ask for a recorded statement describing the accident and all injuries.

    Request Official Records
    Car accidents are generally accompanied by police reports and accident reports drivers file with the state department of motor vehicles. An insurance company will request copies of all these documents as they begin to build their file.

    Request Additional Documentation
    Once the claim has been filed, the adjustor generally identifies him/herself, explains applicable policy limits, and asks the claimant or claimant’s personal injury attorney to provide documents that may be relevant to the claim. For example, an adjustor may ask for medical bills, medical records, proof of earnings, and proof of property damage.

    Investigate Injured Persons
    If you are the victim of an accident, the individual who caused your personal injury most likely has his insurance company investigating you. The opposing insurance company will look for any information that might defeat your claim or lower its value. For example, the company may Google you or examine insurance claims databases to see if you have ever filed a personal injury claim before. Adjustors may call your employer to find out how you are doing back at work. They even access accident victims’ Facebook pages to see if they have posts that suggest they are not truly injured.

  • What Are the Risks of Pharmacy Errors?

    Pharmacy errors happen every day. Unfortunately, when pharmacists make mistakes, the results can be disastrous for Gaithersburg residents who rely on prescription medications.​ Lawyers in Gaithersburg regularly counsel clients who have suffered personal injury due to pharmacy error.

    Most of these injury and accident cases are caused by a combination of circumstances, including overreliance on assistants, similar shapes, sizes, and colors of medications, a busy counter, and the repetitive nature of pharmacy work itself. These mistakes can cause individuals who are already sick to become even more ill. For example, a diabetic may be prescribed an inappropriate amount of insulin, or a bronchitis patient may receive too high a dose of antibiotics. While overdoses are common, patients may also suffer side effects, allergic reactions and withdrawal symptoms when they are prescribed the wrong medication. Sadly, personal injury lawyers report that the elderly are all too often the victims in personal injury cases that stem from completely avoidable pharmacy errors.

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  • Answering Common Questions About Your Rights After a Truck Accident

    If you have been involved in a truck accident in the Rockville or Gaithersburg area, your first step should always be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who regularly handles truck accident claims . Each situation is specific, and only an experienced lawyer can guide you through your exact legal options. Still, all truck accident victims have basic legal rights regardless of the circumstances of their accidents. Keep reading to learn the answers to victims’ frequently asked questions about their rights after a truck accident. truck accident claims in rockville

    Can I Sue the Truck Driver’s Company After a Truck Accident?
    Usually. As long as the truck driver is employed by a trucking company, that company can be legally responsible for its driver’s negligence. That means both the individual trucker and his employer may be financially responsible for any costs the victim incurs due to personal injury, including pain and suffering, loss of current and future wages, and emotional trauma. Problems may arise when a trucker works as an independent contractor and does hauling for different companies, but as long as the company supervises the driver, your accident lawyer can argue that he was legally an employee.

    Can I Automatically Recover Against a Truck Driver Who “Jackknifed”?
    Not necessarily. While many truck accident claims involve eighteen-wheeler trucks that “jackknife,” drivers are not always liable for others’ personal injuries. Some examples include if the truck driver took an abrupt turn in an effort to avoid a stalled vehicle or another accident, or if there was an unforeseen defect or slipperiness in the streets.

    Can I Win a Lawsuit Even if I Was Partly at Fault?
    In only four jurisdictions across the country, including Maryland and Washington, D.C., any negligence by the victim which contributes to an accident will likely bar any recovery by the victim. Because of this harsh rule, it is not uncommon for a trucking company with obvious liability for an accident to argue that the victim was 1% at fault. In this way, they can completely avoid the consequences of a serious accident. You should always seek out a personal injury attorney who is experienced in accident claims to help establish your very strongest case and get the damages you deserve.

  • What Is Fair Compensation in a Personal Injury Case?

    If you file a personal injury claim in Gaithersburg , your insurance carrier may try to offer a settlement to resolve your case. Many people will be tempted to take early offers put forth by an insurance company, but that may not always be the best idea. Watch this video to learn more.

    Insurance companies are profit-driven organizations, and are therefore motivated to reduce their expenses. One key way that these companies try to reduce expenses is by paying out the smallest settlements they can. To ensure that you receive a fair payout from your insurance carrier, rather the sum that they initially offer, consult an attorney with experience in personal injury and insurance claims immediately after an accident, who can give you professional guidance through the claims process.

  • What Are the Parts of a Personal Injury Case?

    If you have been wrongfully injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident near Gaithersburg, you might consider contacting a personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation for medical care and other damages. While every personal injury case will be unique depending on the individual circumstances, there are some general procedures that you can expect during a case. Read on to get a closer look at the components of a personal injury case.

    personal injury claim rockville

    Medical Attention
    Your immediate priority should be to seek appropriate medical care, though you will want to make sure that your care is well-documented to be sure that all the details are available when you contact an attorney.

    Attorney Consultation
    Most personal injury lawyers will offer a free initial consultation to discuss the viability of your case. If you do decide to pursue a case, your lawyer will gather details about the accident and your injuries or the injuries/wrongful death of a loved one you are representing. Most often, the legal fee in a personal injury cases will be based on a percentage of the settlement or trial verdict, meaning that upfront legal costs are not a factor and should not hold you back from seeking the representation you deserve.

    Demand and Negotiation
    Once your attorney has assembled all documentation of your injuries and losses, a demand will be made to the defendant’s insurance carrier. Typically, a claims adjustor will review the demand materials sent by your attorney. Negotiations then commence to try and settle the case outside of court. In many cases the claims representative will first request additional information about your health history or wages before completing an evaluation of your claim.

    Lawsuit Filing
    While most personal injury cases settle outside of court, there remain a large number of cases where a settlement may not be reached in negotiation. In these situations, your lawyer will file a lawsuit, which will commence the process of discovery. This process entails the gathering of information through depositions, document collection and review, medical examinations, and other exploration of the liability and injury issues in a case. As discovery is wrapping up, the case may be sent to mediation, which will be followed by a trial if a settlement is still not reached.

  • Protecting Your Rights After a Boating Accident

    Boating accidents can be a complicated area of personal injury law, because they may relate to either maritime law or negligence law, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Furthermore, there are many factors that present a danger to boaters and those enjoying water recreation. Many states allow individuals as young as 12 to operate boats, and many adult boaters will operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, it is important to seek an attorney experienced in both of these practice areas to be sure that your rights are protected in your case.

    When you do seek proper representation near Gaithersburg or Rockville, you will have an advocate to explore the details of your case, determine appropriate compensation, and decide who may be at fault. Possible defendants in your case may include the boat owner, operator, or manufacturer. If the operator of the boat leaves the scene of the accident, there may also be felony charges involved for the defendant in your case.

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  • What Factors Increase the Risk of Truck Accidents?

    Commercial trucks carry an inherent danger on the road, because these vehicles are much more difficult to maneuver than passenger vehicles, and they can cause much more significant property damage and injuries following accidents . In many cases when commercial truck accidents take place, there are a number of factors to consider when determining fault. This article will take a closer look at some of the underlying factors that might increase the risk of accidents involving eighteen wheelers or other heavy equipment. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a commercial truck accident, you should not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer near Gaithersburg and Rockville area to explore the details of your case. truck accidents rockville

    Driver Fatigue
    Truck drivers often have unrealistic schedules resulting in long days on the road, which can pose a big danger with driver fatigue. Being sleep deprived on the road can reduce reaction times and cause a driver to overlook safety guidelines that might otherwise prevent serious accidents. In June 2014, in a fatal highway accident that made national headlines, a Wal-Mart tractor trailer operator slammed into other vehicles ahead after failing to notice traffic slowing in a construction zone. After the accident, investigators learned that the truck driver had been awake for 28 hours leading up to the accident.

    Poor Road Conditions
    Bad weather is a risk for any driver, but stopping a big rig on an icy road or controlling the vehicle in windy conditions might be much more difficult for commercial drivers. When weather and other poor road conditions are present, all drivers should be more cautious and aware of trucks on the road.

    Failed Equipment
    Aside from driver negligence , failed equipment and inadequate driver training are leading causes of commercial truck accidents. In cases where an equipment failure led to the accident, there may be multiple defendants involved, including the truck manufacturer and the trucking fleet.

    Unsafe Driver Practices
    Passenger vehicles do have their role in truck accidents, as there are a number of unsafe practices that can limit a commercial driver’s ability to respond in time. Driving in between trucks, passing on the right, and abruptly changing lanes are all habits that could lead to dangerous situations involving larger vehicles.

  • Will You Need to Give a Recorded Statement in Your Injury Case?

    Car accident claims often prompt insurance companies to call those parties involved and demand a recorded statement. However, it’s essential to understand your rights in a personal injury claim and whether you are required to give a statement regarding the incident or your injuries. Contacting a lawyer serving Gaithersburg and Rockville before giving a statement is your best course of action to prevent making unintended statements that could hurt your personal injury claim.

    This video explains that insurance companies often try to obtain recorded statements immediately after an accident, before you have seen a police report or spoken with an attorney. While some insurance policies do require you to give a statement, in many cases you are not required to submit a recorded statement—your personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether a statement is needed and how to address the questions you will be asked to best aid your personal injury claim.

  • Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal injury cases determine, in the eyes of the law, the cause of an injury and where the fault for that injury lies. If you have suffered an injury at work, in an automobile accident, or in a location where the owner is responsible for your safety and well-being, you have the right to file a personal injury claim in Gaithersburg area. Personal injury claims can be difficult to navigate on your own—hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is the best way to ensure your case is handled properly for the outcome you deserve. personal injury attorney rockville

    Complex Cases
    While some personal injury claims are clear-cut, others are complex. Such complex cases include car accidents involving multiple vehicles and medical malpractice claims. In these cases, other parties may try to minimize or even outright deny their fault. These types of cases should never be handled on your own—instead, you need the experience and legal expertise of a lawyer to navigate the complexities of the situation and show the true fault that led to your injury.

    Less Stress
    Personal injury cases can be stressful, especially if you or a family member has suffered a serious injury that has affected your health and lifestyle. Hiring an attorney to handle your claim means you won’t need to worry about how to best present your case or show the other party’s legal responsibility. Additionally, you won’t need to put in the time and legwork to compile the facts, especially if you are hospitalized or working. Choosing to work with an attorney means you will be able to focus on recovery while knowing your best interests are in good hands.

    Government Claims
    If you are making a personal injury claim against your city, state, or even the federal government, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury claim against the government can be impossible to pursue without following the right legal procedures to the letter, often within a very short period of time. Your lawyer will know exactly how to handle your claim to ensure proper compliance for a successful claim.

  • Why Fast Action Is Necessary After a Truck Accident

    Truck accidents account for a large portion of vehicle collisions on the road. If you have been involved in an accident with a truck, it’s important to take fast action following the incident. Personal injury claims require solid evidence when determining how much recompense is owed, and by whom. However, trucking companies are only required to retain certain records for a limited period of time, often as little as 90 days. This means that you have only a limited window of time to begin working with a personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg and Rockville to start your claim, preserve essential evidence and receive the compensation you are owed. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for your lawyer to help you present your case and all the facts associated with it.

    When a truck is involved in a personal injury claim, getting all the facts promptly can help you win a personal injury settlement. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible to get your claim filed is the best way to prevent evidence from being destroyed before it can be used to aid your case.

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  • Questions Your Lawyer May Ask About Your Truck Accident Claim

    Truck accidents are often different from other types of auto accidents, as they involve larger vehicles with the potential for severe damage. Thus, truck accident claims require a careful evaluation of the events and factors involved to determine fault and the proper amount of compensation. Knowing what questions your Gaithersburg attorney may ask you when filing a personal injury claim following a truck accident can help you prepare for this process. truck accident rockville

    What Were the Road Conditions Like?
    Road conditions can play a significant role in accident risk , particularly for trucks. Your lawyer will ask you to describe the road conditions at the time of the accident to determine whether factors such as the weather, the lighting conditions, the amount of traffic, visibility and the road conditions justified the trucker’s actions, or whether he failed to compensate for them properly.

    Have You Spoken With an Insurance Company?
    Insurance companies will often take steps to obtain statements that could be used against your personal injury claim as soon as possible. Therefore, it is best for you to speak with a lawyer before you make any sort of recorded statement over the phone, either for your insurance or the trucker’s insurance. Your lawyer will want to know if you have made such a statement already, as it can affect how your case is presented. If you have not made a statement, your attorney will determine whether a statement is necessary and, if so, how to prepare for it.

    When Was the Accident?
    Truck accidents and their related personal injury claims must be addressed quickly to prevent accidental or intentional destruction of evidence. Because trucking companies often destroy their records legally after a short period of time, your lawyer must act fast to obtain documentation while it is available. Additionally, some accidents require a physical inspection of the vehicles by a qualified expert to determine such things as point of impact, the condition of the braking system, or whether headlights or brake lights were operational. This inspection must take place before any vehicle repairs begin. Thus, your lawyer will need to know when your accident occurred to determine whether certain types of evidence are still available.

    Truck accidents can cause devastating damage in the blink of an eye. Your truck accident attorney serving Gaithersburg and Rockville is on your side when it comes to achieving a personal injury settlement.

  • What You Need to Know about Truck Accidents [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you are in a truck accident, it’s important to take the proper steps in the aftermath to protect your right to compensation. One of the first things you should do is call a truck accident lawyer. Many trucking companies have the right to destroy essential evidence, such as rest logs, 90 days after an accident, which can make your case much more difficult to prove. That’s why it’s necessary to have a lawyer working on your case as soon as possible. A truck accident attorney can fight back against the trucking company to ensure you get the compensation you need for the damage to your vehicle, medical bills, and lost wages. Find out more about truck accidents and what steps you should take after being involved in one in this infographic from Sussman & Simcox . Our truck accident attorney serving Gaithersburg can help you get compensation after a truck accident. Help other drivers understand how to protect themselves in this situation by sharing this information.

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  • Reduce Your Risk of a Rear-End Car Crash

    Filing personal injury claims after suffering a car accident injury in Gaithersburg or Rockville can help you recover compensation for your losses following a rear-end collision . However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of car and truck accidents. As a general rule of thumb, leave at least one car length of space for every 10 mph between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. If a vehicle is following you too closely, switch lanes if possible or consider pulling over to let the vehicle pass you.

    As you’ll learn when you watch this video, personal injury claims often arise because many drivers become careless when the gaps between vehicles remain consistent. In other words, drivers are more likely to take their eyes off the road when the vehicle ahead of them maintains a steady speed. Unfortunately, complacency can easily lead to a rear-end collision, as the car ahead can suddenly brake when the rear driver has glanced away.

  • Talking to Your Teen About Driving Safely Around Trucks

    About one-quarter of all deaths caused by truck accidents involve teen drivers. As alarming as this statistic is, it may not necessarily be a surprise, given that teen drivers lack significant driving experience. You can protect your teen by giving him or her ample opportunities to gain driving experience with you in the passenger’s seat. It’s also a good idea to discuss safe driving practices, particularly in close proximity to big rigs. If your teen does become involved in a crash despite these precautions, a truck accident attorney serving Gaithersburg and Rockville can assist you with personal injury claims. truck accident lawyer rockville

    Emphasize the Importance of Distance
    One of the issues you can discuss with your teen is the limitations of commercial trucks due to their sheer size and weight. It can be hazardous to drive too closely to the truck, whether your teen is in front of the truck, behind it, or next to it. Explain that trucks require a great deal more distance to slow down and stop as compared to a passenger vehicle, which is why it’s best not to drive too closely to the truck when in front of it. Teens should be aware that if they follow the truck too closely, the truck driver is not likely to know that they’re behind the truck. Finally, a driver following a large truck cannot see the road ahead, and will have no advance warning if there is stopped traffic or other hazards ahead of the truck.

    Discuss the Dangers of Blind Spots
    New drivers should get into the habit of checking their blind spots each time they switch lanes. This can not only help them avoid merging into another car; it can also remind them that truck drivers have exceptionally large blind spots all around the big rig. It’s advisable to avoid driving alongside a big rig whenever possible. The truck driver may sideswipe the car when changing lanes, unaware that it’s there.

    Establish a Zero Tolerance Rule for Distracted Driving
    Countless personal injury claims are filed because of distracted drivers. Let your teen know that distracted driving is not acceptable under any circumstances. This will help protect your teen from all types of traffic accidents, including life-threatening collisions with big rigs. Parents might consider installing an app on their teens’ cellphones that prevent them from sending or receiving messages while driving. Even if your teen is a riding as a passenger with another teen driver, they can hold the driver’s cellphone during the trip, so it cannot be a distraction.

  • What Damages Can You Collect in a Personal Injury Case?

    Unfortunately, serious accidents can occur regardless of the precautions you take to keep yourself safe. If you’ve been injured as a result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, it’s imperative that you contact a personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg and Rockville immediately. The longer you wait to file personal injury claims , the greater the risk that the evidence will be compromised. By contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately, you stand a better chance of recovering compensation for your past, present, and future medical bills, including diagnostic tests, medical procedures, medications, co-pays, and any home medical supplies you may require. Early legal advice can also help you avoid making choices that can hurt your claim, such as giving recorded statements, or waiting a month before seeking medical care in the hope you might get better.

    Personal injury cases often involve other types of damages in addition to medical expenses. Your lawyer could help you recover compensation for the wages you lost while you were recovering from your injuries. You might also seek compensation for your loss of future earning capacity, disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering, and emotional anguish. In some cases in which the defendant’s alleged actions were particularly egregious, your personal injury lawyer may seek punitive damages.

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  • Answering FAQs About Personal Injury Cases

    Even if you’ve previously had experience navigating the civil court system, personal injury cases can be quite complex. Your best source of information about these cases is your personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg and Rockville. When you schedule a consultation with the personal injury lawyer , you may want to bring along a list of your questions. personal injury lawyer rockville

    Can I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?
    Sustaining an injury does not automatically mean you have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. It’s best to bring all relevant documents to your meeting with the personal injury lawyer. He or she will review your case and explain your legal options, which might include filing a complaint in court. You may be able to file a complaint if you sustained injuries as a direct result of someone else’s actions. Personal injury cases typically arise from negligent actions. For example, a careless driver may run a red light, striking another car or a pedestrian. Less commonly, a personal injury lawsuit might be filed on the basis of intentional wrongdoing. For example, if you’re at work and an irate customer strikes you, causing a concussion, you could file a lawsuit against that individual. The lawsuit would proceed separately from any criminal charges that might be filed.

    Is There a Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit?
    Yes, which is one reason why it’s crucial to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. If you wait too long to file a complaint, you could forfeit your right to demand compensation . The statute of limitations for personal injury claims varies from state to state. Usually, the deadline is three years from the date of the incident, or from the date when you knew or should have known of your injuries. In some states, the statute of limitations is as short as one year.

    What Happens After I File a Lawsuit?
    After your personal injury lawyer files the complaint, the defendant will be served with a notification of the lawsuit. The defendant is the other party in the case, whom you allege caused your injuries. You are named as the plaintiff. Your personal injury lawyer will begin exchanging information with the counsel for the defendant. This process is known as discovery. Following discovery, the trial will begin. At any point, your lawyer and the other party might engage in settlement negotiations.

  • How to Safely Share the Road with Truckers

    Did you know that there are about 400,000 big rig accidents each year in the U.S.? Personal injury claims in the Gaithersburg area often result from serious injuries or deaths as a result of truck accidents. Although filing personal injury claims after truck accidents can help you recover compensation for your losses , it’s also important to follow safety guidelines to reduce your risk of a crash.

    When you watch this video, you’ll see a depiction of the wide zones around a big rig in which the trucker is unable to see other vehicles. It’s essential for drivers to avoid these blind spots whenever possible. Keeping your distance from a truck also helps you avoid dangers such as tire shards flying through your windshield after a tire blowout. Despite leaving plenty of space between your vehicle and a big rig, you may still be involved in an accident through no fault of your own. If so, a personal injury lawyer can assist you, and you should make contact with an attorney right away.

  • Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After Your Accident

    There are many mistakes commonly made after an accident that can jeopardize a victim’s right to just compensation. Many people instinctively apologize after a car accident, for example, even if it was clearly caused by the other driver. However, one of the biggest mistakes to make after truck accidents or other types of accidents is to delay seeking the advice of a personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg and Rockville, MD. There are many benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer promptly after an accident, especially if you have sustained serious injuries or significant property damage. personal injury lawyer rockville

    Lawyers are Skilled Investigators and Negotiators
    Many people try to file an insurance claim on their own before consulting a personal injury lawyer. This can lead to a lower settlement than you deserve. An experienced attorney often has the resources to find or preserve evidence or witnesses after a crash. The insurance company will try to pay as little as possible for the sake of increasing profits. This means that the insurance company’s representative may try to use your statements against you in some way to claim that you were at fault or partially at fault for the accident. Personal injury lawyers have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and they are well aware of their tactics. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you’ll have a skilled negotiator working on your behalf to make sure the insurance company pays you what you deserve.

    Lawyers Can Facilitate Your Recovery
    A personal injury lawyer can facilitate your recovery from your injuries in multiple ways. First, he or she can get you the money you need for your medical treatments. You could also obtain compensation for your lost wages, allowing you to focus on getting well again. Additionally, since personal injury lawyers work with accident victims regularly, they have an in-depth knowledge of medical specialists in the area. A personal injury lawyer may recommend specialists or medical tests that could further your recovery.

    A Lawyer Can Bring Your Case to Court
    Sometimes, despite the negotiating skills of a personal injury lawyer, the insurance company still refuses to offer a fair settlement to accident victims. When this happens, your personal injury lawyer can take your claim to court to demand just compensation on your behalf.

  • Do You Have a Case for Your Slip and Fall Accident?

    If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, you could have grounds for a slip and fall complaint. A personal injury lawyer serving Rockville, MD, can review your case and determine if someone could be held liable for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Personal injury claims based on premises liability may arise from accidents at retail stores, parking lots, sidewalks, hotels, and office buildings. To obtain a favorable resolution of these types of personal injury cases, your lawyer must prove that you suffered damages as the result of someone else’s negligence.

    In some cases, the owner or manager of the property may have created a hazardous condition and failed to resolve it or warn of it before you incurred injuries as a result. Other personal injury cases are based on the failure of the property owner to rectify a hazardous condition that he or she knew or should have known about. It is also possible to base a premises liability lawsuit on the allegation that your accident was reasonably foreseeable due to the nature of the property.

    personal injury claims rockville

  • Reducing Your Risk of a Truck Accident

    Thousands of personal injury claims arise from truck accidents. Big rigs are inherently more dangerous because of their weight, poor maneuverability, and poor stopping ability, along with the impaired ability of the truck driver to detect other vehicles in close proximity to the truck. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a truck accident, it’s critical to contact a truck accident attorney serving the Rockville area right away. Many trucking companies discard driver logs and other important evidence after a certain period of time following an accident. By working with a personal injury lawyer right away, you have a better chance of a favorable resolution. big truck accidents Rockville

    Beware Wide Turns
    You may have noticed signs on big rigs that caution other drivers about the wide turns the truck makes. When a truck needs to make a right-hand turn, the truck driver must swing wide to the left before maneuvering to the right. Other motorists can then make the mistake of thinking the truck is actually going straight through the intersection and they may try to pass the truck on the right. As a result, the passenger vehicle can easily become sideswiped by the trailer. When approaching intersections with a truck, it’s best to wait for the truck to complete its maneuver before proceeding forward.

    Improve Visibility
    Visibility is a common factor in personal injury cases that involve truck accidents. Truck drivers have substantial blind spots . They cannot necessarily see other vehicles that are driving alongside the truck, right in front of the truck, or right behind the truck. To improve your visibility and reduce your chances of a truck accident, maintain plenty of distance between the vehicles.

    Use Caution When Passing and Changing Lanes
    Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to avoid driving alongside a truck. If you need to pass a big rig, always do so on the left side of the truck. Maintain a steady speed as you pass. If you plan to merge into the lane the truck is in, make sure there is plenty of space between vehicles before doing so. You should never create a scenario where you move into a lane directly in front of a truck and then have to brake, as you may not have left stopping distance for the truck, which cannot stop as quickly as a passenger car.

  • Passenger Train Derails in Philadelphia

    An Amtrak train left Washington, D.C. on May 12, 2015 and derailed that night in Philadelphia. The accident left at least six dead and over 200 injured some critically. Passengers were forced to scramble through windows to exit the train in the darkness. The scene with seven mangled cars was described as “devastating.” It appears to have been one of the most severe incidents in years for the heavily traveled Northeast corridor between New York and Boston. It happened at a curve in the tracks, not far from the scene of the nation’s deadliest train wreck over 70 years ago. The cause of the accident is unknown at this time. The northeast corridor is the nation’s most heavily traveled passenger rail line, and Amtrak reported its highest ever passenger ridership in 2014. That busy rail corridor has now been shut down as the investigation, clean-up and repairs get underway.

    Sussman & Simcox previously represented a Maryland family who suffered a terrible loss in the COMAIR air disaster in Kentucky in 2006 and is familiar with the investigative process employed in mass transit disasters. Investigators immediately look at three categories of causes – human, mechanical, and environmental. The train operator, who sustained minor injuries, has given an initial statement to investigators. Investigators will also review video from the camera that is connected to the front of the engine, which may reveal track conditions or debris obstructions. The train engine is also equipped with a data recorder that has now been recovered, which will reveal such information as the train speed before the derailment when brakes were applied, and whether any major systems malfunctioned. The investigative process can take months to conclude, and can reveal more than one cause, such as both an inattentive operator and faulty brakes. Our hearts go out to those victims, their family and friends.

  • Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

    Have you been harmed by someone else’s recklessness? This video explains why you may want a personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg to defend your interests.

    If you have been involved in a car accident or other incident, you may suffer lost income and have extensive medical bills because of your injuries. However, you can recoup these losses with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. A lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases can help you determine your economic damages and general damages. Economic damages are financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other direct financial losses. General damages may also be sought if you have suffered emotional pain and suffering because of your car accident. To find out what you may be owed through a personal injury claim, talk to an attorney.

  • Avoiding Common Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries. Without the protection of a car around your body, the impact of another vehicle can produce considerable trauma. That is why making safety your top concern could potentially prevent a disabling or even deadly collision. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, protect your interests. Consult a personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg who can help you determine your legal recourse. Avoiding Common Motorcycle Accidents Gaithersburg

    Stay in View of Other Drivers
    In many cases, motorcyclists must be more observant on the road. Car drivers may be accustomed to detecting and avoiding other large vehicles, but they may have a more difficult time locating and responding to a person on a motorcycle. Keep in mind that you may also get lost among traffic, which can result in a car driver invading your space as he tries to make a turn or change lanes. To prevent accidents and future personal injury claims , always be aware of who can see you.

    Drive at Appropriate Speeds
    Many people enjoy riding motorcycles because of the freedom they offer. While it may be tempting to drive at high speeds when on the open road, such actions could result in a loss of control over your vehicle. Especially when you attempt a turn at a high speed, your motorcycle could lose its traction with the ground.

    Wear Recommended Safety Accessories
    When you get behind the wheel of a motorcycle, you must take appropriate action to protect both you and those who share the road with you. Putting on protective boots, pants, and other attire can minimize the injuries you might suffer should you experience a motorcycle accident. A well-constructed helmet is especially important, as even a minor collision can result in massive head trauma if you are not wearing this piece of safety equipment. Moreover, appropriate safety gear can make you more noticeable to others on the road. Should you experience an accident, showing that you are not at fault can strengthen your personal injury claim. Doing your due diligence by wearing the right equipment could lead to a more favorable legal outcome.

  • Product Liability Claims

    The purchase of a consumer product generally comes with the assurance that it is safe with reasonable use. However, items ranging from fresh produce to furniture to children’s toys cause serious and even life-threatening injuries each year. If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a defective or unsafe product, you may have a valid personal injury claim, and a lawyer in Gaithersburg can help you attain your rightful damages. Product liability claims typically assert that negligence was involved in the design, construction, or distribution of a product. For instance, even if a product is generally safe, if it does not come with adequate instructions regarding proper usage, you may have a product liability claim because of this omission of information. Harm incurred from a defective product can result in long-term disability or loss of life. It can also lead to severe financial distress for families who have costly healthcare bills and no income to pay for them. A personal injury lawyer can see to it that you receive a fair personal injury settlement for your suffering and financial losses that can alleviate your monetary strain.

    Product Liability Claims Gaithersburg