Road accident. Car and bicycle accidentAlmost everyone has had a close call with motor vehicles while walking or riding a bike. These close calls are especially terrifying—though a motorist might end up with a dent or cracked windshield, a bicyclist or pedestrian could lose his or her life. Know your legal rights as a bicyclist or pedestrian and contact a personal injury lawyer right away in the event of an accident.

  • Right of Way. As a bicyclist or pedestrian, you always have the right of way—since you aren’t encased in protective steel, you’re much more vulnerable. Even if you step out in the middle of traffic, under no circumstances is it legal for a motorist to hit you.
  • Your Responsibility. Though you always have the right of way, you also have a responsibility to be visible and obey the traffic laws. If you get hit while jaywalking or because you ran a red light on your bicycle, then you’ll have difficulty winning a personal injury settlement.
  • Negligence. Most of the time, negligence is the most common cause of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Examples of negligence include ignoring the traffic laws, talking on the phone while driving, or otherwise not paying attention.
  • Compensation. If you are injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident and can prove your injuries were sustained because of a motorist’s negligence, then call a skilled personal injury attorney immediately. You are entitled to a settlement that includes compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident?

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