Crash landed propeller airplaneEven though accidents involving large, commercial aircraft are rare, incidents involving small planes are alarmingly common. In cases involving small aircraft, the most common causes of accidents include pilot error, weather, maintenance issues, and equipment malfunctions. Sussman & Simcox: Attorneys at Law handle airplane accident claims on behalf of victims and families throughout Maryland.

In every negligence case we take, our personal injury attorneys prepare a thorough and compelling picture of the damage our clients have experienced. When we work on a small-airplane accident claim we cooperate with investigators from the FAA and the NTSB to create the best possible case on our clients’ behalf. In addition, our personal attorneys are actual litigators, each with more than 20 years of courtroom experience. As a result, insurers often prefer to work with our attorneys on a reasonable basis to avoid the risk of a greater judgment if we take the case to trial.

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