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    Hand Macro Series - 80823If you or a loved one has been injured due to an accident or a physician’s negligence, you know firsthand how devastating the consequences of medical malpractice can be. The experienced lawyers at Sussman & Simcox are here to guide you through every step of the legal process to ensure that you and your family get the compensation you deserve. Click on the links below to learn more about medical malpractice and the law.

    For a summary of Maryland wrongful death laws , review this fact sheet from the Justice Department.

    To find out who qualifies as a beneficiary according to Maryland code, visit this page and look at the relevant statutes .

    Familiarize yourself with the basics of different kinds of anesthesia by reading this article from the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

    Click on this link from CNN.com to read one patient’s horror story about waking up in the middle of surgery due to an anesthesia error.

    Did you know that preventable medical errors cause serious personal injury to thousands of Americans each year? Find out more with this article from the American Association for Justice.

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  • An Estimated 200,000 Americans Die from Medical Mistakes Each Year

    Are we putting too much faith in our doctors and anesthesiologists? As you will learn in this video, experts now say that an estimated 200,000 Americans die every year from preventable medical accidents. As CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports, judgment errors, technical errors in the operating room, and physician and medical staff failure to follow standard medical practices can all lead to serious personal injury, pain, and suffering. Medical malpractice deaths are entirely avoidable—which makes them all the more heartbreaking

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  • Medical Malpractice: Spotlight on Anesthesia Errors

    An anesthesiologist is a physician who administers medications to depress particular aspects of the nervous system so that patients who are undergoing complex procedures do not experience pain. Unfortunately, anesthesia errors may cause serious personal injury or even death. Familiarize yourself with this area of medical malpractice by reviewing how these common mistakes made by an anesthesiologist can affect you.


    Human Error

    During a surgery or complicated procedure, an anesthesiologist is the doctor responsible for putting a patient “to sleep,” or regulating her consciousness to ensure that she feels no pain. But if a physician’s error or negligence causes a patient to feel pain, awaken during the procedure , or even die, the physician may have committed medical malpractice. Common doctor’s errors include miscalculated doses of anesthesia, delayed delivery of the drug, failure to properly monitor a patient, leaving a patient unattended, improperly administering oxygen during surgery, or dangerously prolonging sedation. Errors may also occur due to defective equipment.

    Common Injuries

    Anesthesia errors may result in a wide range of personal injuries, including tracheal damage, cardiovascular injuries such as heart attack or stroke, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, or a lack of adequate oxygen supply. Anesthesia errors may also cause loss of certain bodily functions, and can result in coma or even death.

    Devastating Consequences

    The loss of a family member due to medical malpractice by an anesthesiologist is emotionally and financially devastating. If a loved one wakes up during surgery, she may be both physically injured and emotionally traumatized. Many patients who experience anesthesia awareness develop post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, or problems sleeping, and may need to miss work and lose compensation.

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  • Defining Wrongful Deaths

    When a loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, it shatters their friends’ and family’s lives. Contacting a lawyer is the last thing on their minds. Unfortunately, grieving families are almost immediately faced with medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost earnings. If you have recently lost a loved one, you should discuss the facts of your case with a wrongful death attorney right away. Read on for a useful overview of wrongful deaths .


    How is a Wrongful Death Defined?

    Wrongful death is any death that has occurred as a direct result of an accident or injury caused by the negligence of a person or business. It may occur as the result of a car accident, a workplace accident, or medical malpractice. If your spouse or family member has passed away as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation under Maryland’s Wrongful Death Statute and Survival Actions.

    How Do I Know if I Have a Claim?

    Although it may be difficult, contacting an experienced injury, accident, and malpractice attorney after your loved one passes is the only way to protect your legal rights. If you wait to take action or speak to your insurance company first, you may inadvertently make a statement that forfeits your right to compensation.

    What is the Difference Between Wrongful Death and Survival Actions?

    In Maryland, a wrongful death gives a decedent’s beneficiaries two separate legal remedies. A survival action allows the personal representative of an estate to bring a cause of action to recover damages that the decedent could have recovered had he survived. In this action, potential compensation is limited to funeral expenses and any financial losses sustained between the time of injury and death. A wrongful death action seeks damages on behalf of those who have suffered because of a person’s death. These damages may include mental anguish, emotional pain and suffering, and other costs.

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  • Find More Information About Traumatic Brain Injuries and Pedestrian Accidents by Visiting These Sites

    Those traveling by foot, wheelchair, or bicycle are the most vulnerable users of American roads. If you are injured in any kind of automobile accident, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the care and compensation you deserve. To learn more about pedestrian accidents, stay informed about your legal rights with these helpful articles:



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