"We are compelled to write a review based on the mere fact that both Karen and Howard not only achieved beyond what we were looking for but truly were sincere and embraced our heartfelt concern for a means of justice. It is difficult to consider a potential lawsuit when wondering about the personal time involved, dealing with reliving the emotional burden, all while struggling with wanting to be objective and if an attorney could help. Karen and Howard not only put things into perspective for us but relieved us of what we thought would be the most arduous and emotionally time-consuming task. They and their staff handled every detail that came our way and was necessary to address or respond to. They took our case to another level that clearly not only had proven their sincerity in helping but professionally exhibited their expertise beyond what we had imagined. The wrongful loss of a loved one comes with so much conflict and emotion that we encourage anyone questioning such a loss and considering somewhat of a legal peace of mind to consult Sussman and Simcox. Thank you, Karen, Howard, and staff for all of your support."

Tracy & Joe Niro