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Pharmacy errors are a significant problem facing patients across the United States. Overworked pharmacists and hard-to-read prescriptions make it easy for them to make mistakes. However, just because you can see why an error was made doesn’t make it any less harmful to you or your loved one. If you’ve been the victim of a pharmacy error, don’t hesitate to look into legal representation. With an experienced pharmacy error attorney on your side, you may be able to earn compensation for expenses incurred because of the error. We know you just want life to go back to normal after such a mistake. However, gaining compensation for your suffering is an excellent first step toward restoring a sense of normalcy. Sussman & Simcox serves the communities in and around Gaithersburg, MD, and we’d be glad to listen to your case.

Common Causes of Pharmacy Errors

Numerous types of pharmacy errors could be reason to build a case. Most harmful pharmacy errors are due to a combination of factors resulting in distributing the wrong prescription or giving the wrong dose. Some of the most common reasons causing pharmacy errors include a busy counter and understaffed team, too much reliance on assistants, similar appearances of prescription drugs, and repetitive work.

Reporting a Pharmacy Error

The state of Maryland does not require pharmacists to report pharmacy errors. While many choose to do so on their own for the safety of the public, others would rather sweep wrongdoing under the rug. Some organizations claim that voluntary reporting actually encourages pharmacists to come clean about their mistakes. However, this isn’t always the case. If you feel you’ve been the victim of a pharmacy error or a loved has been harmed by a pharmacist’s negligence, you may have a claim. First, you’ll need to prove negligence on the part of the pharmacist and failure to meet duty of care. Talk to Sussman & Simcox about filing a pharmacy error case, and we can help you gather evidence.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive?

Depending on the circumstances of your personal injury claim, you may be entitled to a large amount of monetary compensation. While we can’t accurately estimate how much you could be awarded without knowing your specific situation, some clients earn thousands of dollars from major pharmacies. Pharmacy errors are all too common, and you should take every step possible to gain the funds you need to make a full recovery. Under Maryland law, victims of pharmacy errors could be awarded compensation for medical expenses, physical therapy, lost wages, and more.

Why You Should Trust an Experienced Attorney

Going up against a big pharmacy is a huge undertaking. While you aren’t required to hire an attorney for pharmacy error cases, an experienced lawyer will make the process much easier and less burdensome for you. The team at Sussman & Simcox has over two decades of experience with various types of personal injury cases, including pharmacy errors. We understand the importance of getting you compensation to pay for medical bills that can wreak havoc on your financial security. Our attorneys Karen Sussman and Howard Simcox can help you make things right at minimal stress to you.

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If you’re ready to take action in a pharmacy error case, Sussman & Simcox is here to help you. We understand the ins and outs of the legal process, and we’ll ensure you’ve built a strong case for compensation. While you may just want life to go back to normal, gaining compensation from the guilty party can go a long way to making sure you’re financially secure enough to recover. We’re ready to consult with clients from Gaithersburg, Baltimore, and the Washington, D.C. area concerning their pharmacy error cases. Contact us today to learn more.

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