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From an attorney’s perspective, it doesn’t much matter whether a person’s case involves a car accident, a slip and fall, or complex product liability issues — understanding the situation from both the plaintiff’s AND the defendant’s view is certain to do one thing no matter which side you’re fighting for:

Improve your chances for success.

At Sussman & Simcox, we’ve spent a number of years defending many of the major insurance companies in Maryland. We know first hand how they will evaluate and challenge your injury case. We use that experience to work toward the best possible result in every case. That said, we also understand that the last thing an injured person or grieving family needs is to be given a false impression of what those chances for success really are. We don’t engage in those kinds of shenanigans. We’ll give you a fair and honest assessment of your case early on and let you make the decisions that follow.

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Our Practice

We represent Maryland residents who have been injured here and elsewhere and people who have been injured while visiting or traveling through our state. Our practice is focused solely on cases of personal injury and nothing else — matters that include everything from auto accident injuries and first-party insurance claims to fatal injuries caused by medical malpractice, defective products or airplane accidents.

Our Attorneys

Karen Sussman and Howard Simcox first met and became friends while still in law school nearly 30 years ago. In the years since, they have formed a legal partnership founded on mutual respect and one that has combined their unique skills, insights and complimentary styles into a formula for successful results in countless numbers of cases.

Well-respected in the legal community of Maryland and recognized for both their objectivity and trial experience — Ms. Sussman and Mr. Simcox are routinely asked to serve as impartial arbitrators and to issue fair and binding decisions in personal injury cases. For the same reasons, a great number of the accident victims they represent were referred to them by other lawyers in this area.

Why Choose Our Gaithersburg Legal Team?

At Sussman & Simcox, our Gaithersburg personal injury lawyers know what you’re up against. We are here to help you attain fair compensation after an accident. Our attorneys believe in ensuring justice is served for the responsible party involved in the accident. If your accident or injury was as a result of the negligence of an individual or business, we may be able to help. We fight on your behalf because we believe you should not have to fend for yourself at a time when you are least able to do so.

You may be able to obtain compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Damaged property
  • Inability to work
  • Loss of income
  • Pain, suffering, and inconvenience

We explain your options to you so that you are well-informed throughout the case. Our team uses our experience and knowledge of how personal injury cases work to benefit you. We understand the difficulty you may be facing and may be able to maximize your settlement.

Why choose Sussman & Simcox?

Call or contact us online for a free legal consultation. We’re flexible with these appointment times and can travel to meet with you as well. We receive no fees unless we are able to obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf. Most importantly, we are here for you during this difficult time. We believe that we can help you with your case. Call us now at (301) 840-0404 to speak to us about your case!

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