After an accident-related injury of any type, it’s easy to put a price tag on medical bills and property damage. But how can you be repaid for the pain and suffering that comes with being injured? For the best possible outcome, you can work with a personal injury attorney to fight for reimbursement for your pain and suffering.

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Pain and Suffering

Medical and property damage payments don’t take into consideration how an accident affected your life in other ways. Injuries can affect your job performance, limit your ability to care for your family and home, change your appearance, and make you unable to participate in activities you once loved. These and other factors contribute to your pain and suffering. Your personal injury lawyer will help you determine which of these elements affect your case the most.

Calculating Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering doesn’t have a direct monetary value. A good personal injury attorney will help you seek the highest compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. The amount is determined by the severity of the injury, the recovery time, the short-term and long-term consequences of your injury, and what treatment you received. Your personal injury lawyer will also take into account your profession, lifestyle, living situation, activities, and other factors.

Seeking Payment for Pain and Suffering

During a personal injury settlement with the responsible party, a small pain and suffering sum may be offered. But to get fair compensation, you must work with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who understands how to fight for what you’re owed.


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