Imagine this scenario: You are sitting in traffic when suddenly you hear the sound of a wreck behind you. The next thing you hear is the sound of crunching metal as the drunk driver smashes into your car with your 3-year-old and baby in the backseat.

When the dust settles, though the damage to the car is severe, no one is critically injured, so you assume the worst is over. However, the following weeks dealing with the insurance company proves to be just as difficult as the moments following the crash. This is why having a personal injury lawyer is so crucial.

You may wonder what a personal injury lawyer does in a case like this, or in any other injury case. The first thing your attorney will do is gather information. This may be a lengthy process, as many people are involved and information to build your case must come from a variety of sources, such as:

  • A police report detailing the scene, circumstances, and parties involved.
  • Your personal account of the incident, plus anyone associated with you who also witnessed the injury, like your spouse, family member, or friends.
  • Any third party witnesses, such as passengers in other cars, neighbors, or other store patrons.
  • The doctors and nurses who treated your injuries, based on the notes in your medical file.

Next, your personal injury attorney will contact the insurance company who is representing the party who is responsible for your injuries. Details on a settlement will be worked out, including payment for your medical bills, lost wages, car repair or replacement, and pain and suffering. Having a lawyer will take the stress of dealing with the insurance company off you.  It will also ensure that you receive the highest settlement amount possible.

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