row of pill bottlesThere’s no question that pharmaceutical advancements have greatly lengthened the average lifespan and improved the quality of many lives. Unfortunately, whether due to poor handwriting or absent-mindedness, prescriptions aren’t always filled correctly. Here’s a brief overview of the risks involved with pharmacy errors and how a personal injury law firm like Sussman & Simcox can help in a case of medical malpractice or pharmacy error.


Since many people rely on prescription drugs to mitigate the symptoms of serious conditions, a pharmacy error can cause many complications. Receiving too many or not enough pills may be a hassle, but getting the wrong prescription can be devastating. Without the appropriate medication, patients may be negatively affected by their conditions or suffer from a reaction caused by combined drugs that were not intended to be taken together.


Of course, a pharmacy error can cause much worse effects than an illness or injury. If a pharmacist fills prescriptions incorrectly, a simple mistake could cost lives. If not outright fatal, the incorrect medication could cause lasting damage.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you incur medical bills because of a wrong prescription, a personal injury law firm can help you hold the pharmacy accountable and receive the compensation you need for a speedy recovery. If a loved one dies due to complications from taking the wrong prescription, a skilled lawyer can help you hold the pharamcy accountable for their costly mistake and obtain compensation that you deserve.

If a pharmacy mistake has recently caused harm to you or someone in your family, contact a  personal injury attorney at Sussman & Simcox. With more than 20 years of litigation experience each, Howard Simcox and Karen Sussman know how to stand up to negligent parties and successfully resolve medical malpractice claims. If you’re looking for an attorney in the Rockville and Gaithersburg area, call us at (301) 840-0404 to schedule a consultation.

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