Families across the country are about to embark on lengthy car journeys to see their loved ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, this increase in road traffic, coupled with bad weather, will lead to more accidents and more fatalities . While every holiday road trip is different, you should consider the following wintertime driving safety tips: 

Winter travel

Check Tire Pressure

Large temperature swings are not uncommon during the fall and winter months. A particularly intense cold spell can lead to a sudden loss of pressure in your tires. Before embarking on any lengthy car trip, check your tire pressure and get more air at the local gas station. Properly pressurized tires make it easier to quickly maneuver to avoid an accident, and can otherwise keep you safe at high speeds. Keeping the tire pressure up is also a great way to save money on gas.

Install Winter-Ready Windshield Wipers

If your car still uses the original wiper blades that came from the dealership, it may be time to upgrade to a heavy-duty rubber product. In the event of a heavy downpour or snowstorm, these inexpensive additions can increase overall visibility. Considering the Mid-Atlantic region’s often erratic weather, it is always helpful to have good windshield blades.  

Use a Designated Driver

The holidays are a time of parties and family gatherings. If you plan on drinking, make sure you have a designated driver to take you home. Christmas ranks as one of the most dangerous holidays for motorists when accounting for the number of driving fatalities that occur in late December. Arranging for a designated driver can protect other motorists and eliminates the possibility of a DUI.


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