worker fell from a ladder 2As their name implies, catastrophic injury cases entail situations wherein the victim suffers severe injuries that permanently alter his or her lifestyle. When injuries of this nature occur, victims and their families are often experience significant fiscal, physical, and emotional traumas. To receive the fair compensation that they deserve, catastrophic injury victims should seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer can capably argue for damages that can help provide a victim with future financial stability.

Medical Expenses

Because their physical injuries are so serious, many catastrophic injury victims have nearly insurmountable medical bills. Healthcare costs can rise exponentially, as the victim typically requires extensive medical attention both to treat the sustained injuries and monitor his or her future wellbeing. Many catastrophic injury patients must undergo months or years of physical rehabilitation. A great majority of these individuals will also require medications to address residual health issues. A personal injury lawyer can help a victim receive adequate compensation to provide for these services.

Lost Work Wages

Once a person suffers a catastrophic injury, he or she often cannot resume normal job responsibilities. In cases of severe brain trauma or paralysis, the victim may not be able to work at all. This often puts the victim at risk of losing both income and medical insurance, which is crucial to his or her very survival. To ensure that their clients have every means possible to maintain their basic life necessities, a personal injury attorney will fight to receive monetary damages for lost work wages.

Property Destruction

If an individual experiences a catastrophic injury as a result of an automobile accident or house fire, not only will they suffer considerable personal injuries, but also they may lose their car or home. In cases such as these, the negligent party is also responsible for that loss. A personal injury lawyer can secure financial reparations for property that was destroyed in the event of a catastrophic injury.


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