In the United States, thousands of auto accidents are caused by drivers who are intentionally reckless and engage in risky behaviors such as speeding and driving drunk. But did you know that many car accidents that involve personal injuries are caused by drivers who are inadvertently negligent? Elderly drivers usually fall into this category. Sadly, aging drivers can still cause devastating personal injuries. Here is how you can do your part to prevent these serious accidents.

Senior Citizen Woman Driving in Profile

Recognize the Problem

Do you have a senior friend or family member who is at risk of causing auto accidents? Whether your loved one has already caused car accidents involving personal injuries or you are simply concerned about his or her driving, it’s important to first recognize that there is a danger. Speak to other friends and family members to get outside support and formulate a plan to prevent accidents.

Provide Solutions

Next, meet with your elderly loved one. In a respectful tone, explain why you think his or her use of a car may be an issue, and provide solutions and assistance. For example, you could offer to drive your loved one to essential places such as the doctor’s office or grocery store.

Talk to a Lawyer

If you have gone through all of your options, speak to a trusted attorney about how you can use the law as a last resort. For example, many states allow you to file a complaint with the department of motor vehicles to require driver’s license retesting. Your lawyer can also help you find out how you can use the court to report a dangerous driver or protect your elder loved ones who may pose a threat to themselves or others.

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