Medical errors are an unfortunate fact of life in healthcare facilities across the nation. Preventing medical malpractice from happening in the first place is imperative, but in the event that a mistake occurs, a personal injury attorney can prove instrumental in giving victims the legal voice they need. Bringing to light medical errors can also deter the same incident from happening in the future or prevent an incompetent physician from harming other patients. The following information underscores some of the more common medical mistakes in the United States.

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Drug Errors

One of the more alarming aspects of medical care in this country is the rate at which patients suffer from medication issues. Some individuals never receive the medication they need for treatment and recovery. Others are given higher-than-necessary dosages that cause greater harm than the original ailment. In many cases, patients get drug prescriptions from multiple physicians who do not confer on care, thus putting their patients in potentially dangerous situations from unintended drug interactions.

Overly Aggressive Medical Care

Some people may come to their doctors with a minor ailment only to end up in the hospital with a major problem because of overzealous care. In certain circumstances, a doctor may recommend unnecessarily aggressive measures, such as surgery, when more conservative treatment could adequately address the medical condition. During such procedures, any number of complications can take place, including excessive blood loss and infection.

Wrong Diagnosis

Too often, doctors fail to take a comprehensive look at their patients’ symptoms and consequentially provide an inaccurate diagnosis. Misdiagnosis is one of the most widespread medical issues in America, accounting for many severe conditions that could have been successfully managed had steps been taken to make a correct diagnosis.

Have You Been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

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