Would you like to learn more about the topics covered in our recent blog posts?  If you are interested in learning what steps should be taken after getting a car accident or finding out more information about personal injury law, the following links may be of interest to you.

At Sussman & Simcox, we know what you’re up against — the medical bills, the damage to property, inability to work, loss of income, the red tape involved in dealing with insurance companies that don’t return your calls, their attempts to maximize your fault and minimize their own liability and the small settlement offers they make as they try to take advantage of you. What you probably want more than anything else in the world right now is for the whole ordeal to be over with and for life to return to what it once was.

We are here with you to help make that happen. What we want you to know now is that you don’t have to stand alone. We want you to know that we can help with your Rockville or Gaithersburg area personal injury case.

Personal Injury Attorneys Rockville

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