Today’s drivers are more digitally connected than ever before. Yet new gadgets and screens mean that motorists also have many more reasons to look away from the road. As a result, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents throughout the United States. Here are some of the most common distracted driving habits.

Finger setting navigation system

Checking the Navigation System

Many vehicles now come with in-dashboard GPS systems that provide directions and other information. Unfortunately, these screens are generally located in the center console, which forces the driver to look down and away from the road in order to read street names and other data. Every second spent looking at the GPS system is a second the driver is not reacting to the situation on the road.

Speaking on the Phone

Holding a conversation while driving reduces a motorist’s ability to focus on the road and process the different stimuli around the vehicle. According to data released by the NHTSA, drivers who spoke on the phone while operating a vehicle paid 37% less attention than driver who chose to ignore a cell phone call.

Using Social Media Apps

Smart phones allow users to check up on virtually every social media portal they desire. However, looking down at the screen to look at Instagram photos or Facebook status updates creates distracted drivers and dangerous road conditions. Any time spent not looking at the road is time when the motorist cannot properly react to the changing driving conditions around the vehicle. For this reason, social media and text messaging are one of the most common causes of accidents for teenagers and young adults.

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