For most teens, learning how to drive is a huge milestone that allows them to feel independent, mature, and accomplished. For parents, this rite of passage brings fear and worry about their teen’s safety behind the wheel. Though it may be daunting, parents must eventually determine whether their teens are ready to drive by looking for the signs that they can safely get behind the wheel.

Pretty Teenage Driver

Good Judgment

Before a teen driver can be alone in the car, she must show that she can exercise good judgment in a variety of driving situations. One way for parents to determine if their teen drivers are mature enough is by assessing their behavior inside and outside of school. If a teen typically stays out of trouble at school, gets along with his or her group of friends, and handles conflicts well, then she is likely responsible and mature enough to start driving.

Ability to Follow the Rules

If a teen obeys rules at school or at home, this is a good indicator that he or she will obey driving laws. Teens who follow rules at home or at school respect boundaries, and they are more likely to respect driving boundaries such as speed limits, stop signs, and other routine traffic laws. Some important rules for a teen to follow at home include obeying curfews, doing chores, or getting along with siblings.

Responsible Tendencies

Responsible teenagers do their homework or chores without being asked, hold part-time jobs, or participate in extra-curricular activities at school. Taking on these responsibilities shows parents that their teens can be trusted to drive safely, borrow the car, and follow the driving rules imposed by their parents.

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