Definition: MalpracticeA catastrophic injury permanently changes a person’s life. Victims suffer severe physical trauma which often requires ongoing medical care. A Gaithersburg personal injury attorney can seek fair compensation to help take care of these medical expenses. To learn more about what a personal injury lawyer can do for you, please read the following articles.

  • An auto accident attorney can secure damages for injuries suffered as a result of another driver’s carelessness. explains this process.
  • lists key medical malpractice facts.
  • As The New York Times explains, newborns may suffer birth trauma as a result of medical negligence.
  • A personal injury attorney can obtain monetary reparations for pharmacy errors. USA Today discusses a case wherein a pharmacy mistake proved fatal.
  • reports on the rising incidence of bike accidents as a result of reckless car drivers.

Sussman & Simcox: Attorneys at Law assists Gaithersburg, Maryland-area clients in receiving fair compensation for personal injuries sustained as the result of car accidents, bike accidents, or health provider errors. If you require the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer, we can help. Contact us today at (301) 840-0404.

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