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A premises liability case is when a person is injured on somebody else’s property. The purpose of a premises liability case is to determine whether the property owner or the person was at fault for the person’s injury.

If the owner was negligent and somehow caused the person to become injured, then the owner is at fault. But if the person was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing and they become injured, then the owner is not at fault.

A slip and fall injury case is just one type of premises liability case. Other premises liability cases include inadequate maintenance, defective conditions, and inadequate security. Most personal injury lawyers or attorneys know how to conduct slip and fall cases. Here is a basic overview on how slip and fall cases work.


A slip and fall case is when a person slips and falls on a dangerous patch of ground and injures themselves. The dangerous patch of ground can be a wet spot, worn carpeting, or any other unsafe surface. A slip and fall case determines if the person’s injury was the person’s own fault, or if it was the property owner’s fault.

Determining Liability

One of the three following criteria must be met for liability to fall on the owner:

  • The owner or one of the owner’s employees must have caused the dangerous spot.
  • The owner or one of the owner’s employees must have known about the dangerous spot but done nothing about it.
  • The owner or one of the owner’s employees should have noticed the dangerous spot because a “reasonable” person would have.

A “reasonable” person would be able to identify dangerous spots if they were given enough time, if the spot wasn’t hidden, and if it was sufficiently large enough. If any of these three criteria can be proven, then the owner can be held liable.

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