One of the most common causes of action in personal injury claims is negligence. It is possible for multiple parties to be negligent in the same action, and it is also possible for a third party to be liable for your injuries. The following links provide helpful information about these topics:

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  • This publication from the American Bar Association explores the topic of personal injury claims, including negligence and the role of third parties.
  • Negligence cases involve a failure by one party to exercise the proper standard of care a reasonably prudent person would show in a similar situation. Third-party negligence involves a party that was not directly involved in the accident but may still be liable for your injuries. Find out more with this article from
  • The Maryland State Law Library maintains a page with helpful information about personal injury law. This includes an explanation of the basics of personal injury law and why it is important to hire an attorney.
  • This article takes an in-depth look at the economic relationship between out-of-court settlement and litigation.
  • In 2002, less than two percent of federal civil cases went to trial. If you decide to take your personal injury case to trial, you will want an attorney with courtroom experience on your side.

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