According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of accidents caused by distracted driving is significantly higher in the United States than that of several European nations, including Great Britain, France, and Germany. Americans are more likely to take part in the following activities while driving, which partially account for the thousands of fatalities that involve distracted behavior. To prevent danger to others while on the road, avoid these potentially life-threatening habits:

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Texting has become a commonplace form of communication in the United States. Unfortunately, this reliance on texting has substantially impacted the number of distracted-driving-related deaths. Texting while driving is dangerous for several reasons. It requires the driver to take his eyes off the road and hands off the wheel while composing his message. It also demands mental concentration, which diminishes the attention he pays to the road.

Talking on the Phone

Talking on a cell phone may not demand that a driver be visually distracted, but it still presents significant harm to all on the road. Safe driving requires two hands on the wheel at all times, which cell phone usage prevents. Like texting, talking on the phone also precludes a person’s total focus on driving.

Engaging in Other Dangerous Activities

Americans also seem more inclined to perform other tasks that may prove hazardous while driving. Eating, applying makeup, or even reading should never be done while behind the wheel. However, these behaviors do take place, and as a result, innocent drivers and passengers suffer the consequences of these negligent activities.

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