A serious or catastrophic injury is one that permanently alters the lifestyle of the victim. As this video explains, only an experienced personal injury attorney can provide the needed expertise for victims to obtain fair compensation after a catastrophic injury.

A serious or catastrophic injury can occur anywhere. Many times, these injuries stem from automobile accidents, workplace incidents, or medical mistakes. For both the victim and their loved ones, a serious or catastrophic injury is devastating. Because injuries of this nature cause severe bodily trauma, victims should seek the assistance of a competent personal injury lawyer to secure monetary damages for their present and future needs.

Are you or a loved one the victim of a serious or catastrophic injury? Sussman and Simcox: Attorneys at Law can provide experienced legal counsel for your personal injury case. No matter if your injury is the result of a car collision, surgical error, or other form of negligence, we can help. To speak with a personal injury attorney, please call our Gaithersburg, Maryland office at (301) 840-0404.

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