If an employee at a hospital deviates from a reasonable standard of medical care, and you suffer an injury as a result, you may be able to sue the hospital for negligence. As with any large corporation, hospitals have their own teams of lawyers to try to minimize payouts to wronged patients. A personal injury attorney can level the playing field and help you receive the amount you’re owed. Here is a brief look at how you can sue a hospital for negligence:

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Negligent Actions of Nurses and Support Staff

Hospitals employ large numbers of nurses, pharmacists, care technicians, and other support staff to provide medical care and triage services to patients. If any of these individuals deviate from the standard of care acceptable within the medical community, you may be able to hold their employer – the hospital – accountable for any injuries caused by the employees’ negligent actions. This legal right to file medical malpractice claims stems from the doctrine of respondeat superior, which allows victims to sue the employer for an employee’s wrongdoing.

Negligent Actions of Doctors

Unlike the liability of support staff, a doctors’ liability is harder to assess. Many doctors are not formally employees of a hospital, and may only work there one or two days a week as an independent contractor. For this reason, the hospital may not be legally liable for any negligent acts committed by some doctors. However, most doctors carry medical malpractice insurance, which can help compensate patients for any pain and suffering sustained in the doctor’s care.

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