Attorney Spotlight: Karen L. Sussman Gaithersburg Karen L. Sussman, personal injury lawyer, opened her practice in 1990 to serve motorists and others across Gaithersburg. With her track record of obtaining favorable results for her clients, her law firm quickly grew and later became the Law Offices of Sussman & Simcox. As a personal injury lawyer who has also worked as house counsel to the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund and Allstate Insurance Company, Ms. Sussman brings a unique insight to her personal injury cases. Her extensive knowledge of the strategies of insurance companies makes her an invaluable ally to individuals who have suffered injuries and require compensation.

Ms. Sussman began practicing law after receiving her law degree from the University of Baltimore. In 1985, she was admitted to the Maryland Bar Association. Over her many years of practice, this personal injury lawyer serving Gaithersburg and other Maryland communities have obtained extensive experience in the courtroom. She has represented hundreds of clients throughout the area, providing them with expert legal guidance and practical resolutions.


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