Each year, GMAC Insurance posts the results, by state, of its national driver test.  This is a short quiz testing basic knowledge of good driving practices.  Sad to say, for 2011, drivers in Maryland and D.C. scored at the bottom of all states!

Driver is reflected in mirror

These results do not bode well for motorists on our local roadways. Every properly trained driver should immediately know what to do when facing a light that has just turned yellow, or to identify what is considered to be a safe following distance behind the car ahead. These are basic safety concepts and if you don’t know them, you are at higher risk to cause an accident.

Spend a few minutes to take GMAC’s quiz and see how you score.  Let us know here how well you did.  If you are struggling with any of the answers, maybe it’s time for a refresher.  The DMV will usually provide you with a free copy of the Drivers Handbook.  If you have teens in your house who are going through the license process, you probably already have a copy laying around.  Spend a little time refreshing your knowledge of basic rules of the road and good driving practices. Taking steps to becoming a safer driver is time well spent.  Hopefully, we can pull those scores up for 2012.

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