motorcycle accidentThere’s no denying that motorcycles can be very exciting; unfortunately, they can also be very dangerous. Without steel reinforcement to protect the rider, motorcycle enthusiasts are at higher risk of personal injury. While our job is to represent and protect the rights of people  injured in auto accidents, our hope is that your injuries were unavoidable rather than oversights. In order to avoid painful and costly auto accidents and injuries, follow these four motorcycle safety tips:

  1. Wear Proper Safety Gear:
    Drivers of cars and trucks have air bags, seat belts, and steel frames to protect them in the event of an accident. As a motorcyclist, you must rely on the protection offered by your helmet, pants, gloves, and jacket. They may not seem like much, but wearing the proper safety gear could be just enough to save your life and lessen the severity of personal injuries.
  2. Obey Traffic Laws:
    Though the size and maneuverability of your motorcycle may tempt you to weave between lanes, doing so will only place yourself and others in danger. To avoid an accident, don’t weave in and out of traffic, travel at high speeds, or break any other traffic laws.
  3. Adjust Mirrors Properly:
    Since you don’t have a rearview mirror, your side mirrors are especially important for seeing motorists behind you. It’s essential to keep them properly adjusted at all times so you can bring your blind spots into view and avoid any erratic drivers.
  4. Drive Defensively:
    Car drivers are used to seeing other cars. As such, you can’t rely on them to be watching out for you or your motorcycle. To avoid an accident, it’s your responsibility to keep a keen eye on traffic and avoid negligent drivers. Whenever possible, make eye contact with drivers to let them know you’re there.

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