Every day, you probably face and avoid many dangers that could result in personal injury. But sometimes, these events can be unavoidable. Personal injuries can happen in many scenarios and locations, and from many different activities. When you’ve experienced an accident, consult a personal injury attorney immediately to learn whether you deserve compensation from a negligent party.

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Distracted Driving: Negligent drivers often cause car accidents. While there are many ways to be negligent when operating a vehicle, distracted driving is the top cause of accidents in the U.S. Whether the driver was looking at scenery, adjusting the radio, using a cell phone, distracted driving indicates negligence. If the other party was distracted and caused an injury accident, meet with a car accident attorney right away to learn about the compensation you deserve.

Hospital Negligence: Improper or incomplete treatment at a hospital can lead to permanent medical issues, many return visits, and even extra procedures to correct a persisting problem. If your injury wasn’t treated right the first time, the hospital may be held responsible for extending your personal injury. Talk to a personal injury attorney to learn more about medical malpractice.

Slippery Floors in a Business: Slip and fall injuries can cause lasting damage, but it takes a good lawsuit with compelling evidence to prove that negligence caused an accident. If you’ve been injured through a slip and fall incident, consult with a personal injury attorney right away to determine if your case will hold up in court.

Design Defects on Manufactured Products: Sometimes, products are created in a way that causes unforeseen injury. If a lid to a drinking mug allows for hot liquid to seep through, this design defect may be considered negligent. Design defects can be hard to prove in court, but you should discuss your individual case with your personal injury lawyer.


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