Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

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It’s no secret to anyone that a bicycle crash or pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle is likely to result in very serious or even fatal injuries to the pedestrian or bicyclist. That said — it’s also no secret that car and truck drivers don’t share the road very well with each other — let alone with unprotected, less visible pedestrians and bicyclists.

If you or a family member has been harmed as the result or a bicycle crash or pedestrian accident — call or contact the attorneys of Sussman & Simcox in Gaithersburg, Maryland, for a free consultation and an honest assessment of your claim.

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Our firm represents injured persons and grieving families in the Baltimore-D.C. corridor and the surrounding areas who have been harmed as the result of a bicycle crash or pedestrian accident. Both Karen Sussman and Howard Simcox, our attorneys, have more than 20 years of litigation experience and are so well-respected in the Maryland legal community that they are often asked by other lawyers to serve as private arbitrators and to issue binding decisions in Gaithersburg personal injury cases like these. Many firms also refer to us clients who have difficult cases that will likely require trial.

Distinct Rules of the Road for Bicycles and Pedestrians

The rules of the road for bicyclists and pedestrians are somewhat different. Because of that, insurance companies will likely try to shift responsibility for the accident away from the driver and toward the injured bicyclist or pedestrian. Rest assured, we’ll fight those efforts with everything we’ve got — working with professional investigators and accident reconstruction specialists to carefully preserve and document evidence and to identify and interview potential witnesses.

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